Mobile Device Management

On the MDM Control page in the Security module in the Enterprise Admin Console, you can enable and define user settings for mobile device management to include, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktop computers. When enabled, the Messenger users specified for mobile device management (MDM) control must log on to Messenger through the third-party MDM company defined in the Enterprise Admin Console.

About MDM

Since many companies allow employees to use their personal mobile devices to access the company network, intranet, and wireless services, your enterprise may want to use MDM security software services to monitor, manage, and enable and control security for Messenger users in your organization. 

MDM helps a company ensure that Messenger users follow corporate security policies and maintain productivity. With MDM, you can control the distribution of mobile applications, set mobile app configuration settings to follow company security policies, and manage data for most types of mobile devices. Monitoring and controlling network access for mobile devices reduces security risks as well as IT support costs.

In the Enterprise Admin Console, on the MDM Control page in the Security module, MDM is disabled by default as shown in the following illustration.

To enable MDM Control

  1. In the Security module on the MDM Control page in the Enterprise Admin Console, click Enable MDM Control. The MDM configuration settings are displayed.
  2. In the Select you MDM vendor section, select your MDM vendor.
  3. In the Apply the MDM control to the following users section, select one of:
    1. All < domain name > users - Both managed and unmanaged Messenger users in your domain must use your MDM vendor to log on. 
    2. Only managed < domain name > users - Only managed Messenger users in your domain must use your MDM vendor to log on. 
  4. Click Done

The MDM Control enabled successfully message is displayed at the top of the page.

Next Steps

When MDM Control is initially enabled and configured, all defined Messenger users are immediately logged out of the messaging application and must log in again using the MDM vendor log on requirements.