Post Templates

Post templates are available to users of the Messaging Platform. The Enterprise Admin can setup and enable post templates in the Enterprise Admin Console. For more information, see Managing Post Templates. Messenger users who are room participants in the team where a post template is assigned by the Enterprise Admin can see and respond to messages posted in rooms using the assigned post template.

With post templates, an Enterprise Admin can control the content that is posted by room participants.

For example, post templates can be used is in an amusement park to locate missing children, or in a company to log the start time and end time of an employee work shift. In the following example, a post template is used to report missing child information for an amusement park.

  1. An employee accesses the relevant team and room, for example, the Security Team, in the Lost Children room. The employee selects the type of predefined post template to announce that a child is missing.

  2. The employee enters values in the predefined fields in the Lost Child post template.

  3. Another employee who spots the child, responds to the new message in the room by using one of the available post templates.

The type of responses to a post can be customized as per the company or enterprise's need. In this example, the alternative response can be customized to mark the status of the post as Active or Closed.

Additionally, the cast members in the park can also acknowledge the post by marking the post as Acknowledged.

All these responses can be specified in the Enterprise Admin Console. For more information, see Managing Post Templates.