Deploy a Post Template

After you create a new post template, you must deploy the template to users in a space room to make the template available. This topic describes how to deploy a message post template to a one or more spaces and rooms.

To deploy a post template

  1. In the Message Management module, on the Post Templates page, hover your mouse over the Status, and then click the Ellipses  icon. The post template command menu is displayed.
  2. Click Deployments. The Deployments dialog is displayed.
  3. Select one or more spaces to deploy the post template to, and optionally, expand each space and select one or more rooms for that space, as shown in the following illustration.

  4. Click Add to deploy the template to the selected spaces and rooms.

The Deployed successfully message is displayed at the top of the page.


The following illustration is an example of the post template command menu.