Delete a Post Template

After you create a new post template, you find that you no longer need a post template. If you do not need a post template, you can permanently delete the template to remove the template from any deployed rooms and from the Enterprise Admin Console. This topic describes how to permanently delete a message post template.

If needed, you can suspend a post template which removes the template from any deployed room, but maintains the template in the Enterprise Admin Console for editing and redeploying. For more information, see Suspend a Post Template.

To delete a post template

  1. In the Message Management module, on the Post Templates page, hover your mouse over the Status, and then click the Ellipses  icon. The post template command menu is displayed.
  2. Click Delete.

    Warning: This operation is permanent and cannot be undone.

The Deleted successfully message is displayed at the top of the page.

The following illustration is an example of the post template command menu.