Managing Post Templates

In the Enterprise Admin Console, in the Message Management module, on the Post Templates page, you can create templates for message posts, and then assign those templates to users, or groups of users to use when posting a message in the Kore application.

What are Post Templates?

Post templates are messaging templates that a user can choose, or is assigned to a user for mandatory user to create a new message post in a room. With a template, a user must follow predefined text entries, select from pre-populated drop-down choices, and fill in dynamic content with a static template. For example, an employee may need to post a message about a lost child in a theme park room for security and management. With a post template, the user is required to provide specific information about the lost child, location, and so forth before posting the message in a room as defined in the post template.

Creating Post Templates

To create a new message post template, you must define the following sections of the template:

  • Post Title and Body - The name of the template and the body content of the message post, to include variable definitions used in the body content, and enable and define if, and how many file attachments can be uploaded in a message post.
  • Snap Reactions - Enable and define user ratings, for example, Likes, Starts, and so forth. Also define who can provide the snap reactions on the post.
  • Comment Reactions - Enable and define user ratings for comments to a post, and create a template for comments to posts, and enable and define if, and how many file attachments can be uploaded in a comment to a message post.
  • Post Status - Enable and define status items, such as open or closed, priority, and so forth.
  • Post Control - Enable and define Kore message control policies for the message, for example, Access Controls, Action Controls, and Expiry Controls.

After you create and save a post template, you can deploy the template to one or more rooms in a space.

In the Message Management module, you can define and manage message templates on the Post Templates page as shown in the following illustration.

The following list describes the columns displayed in the Enterprise Admin Console table.

Column Description
Template Name Displays the message post template name used in the Enterprise Admin Console.
Description Displays the description of the post template, if defined.
Deployed In Displays the number of rooms where the post template is actively deployed.
Status Displays the status of the post template. One of:
  • active - The template is available and can be deployed for use.
  • suspended - The template is suspended, and not available to users even if deployed.
Ellipses  icon Click to display the following post template commands:
  • Edit - Select to edit the application role settings.
  • Deployments - Select to display the Deploy Teams dialog to select which rooms to deploy the message post template to.
  • Suspend - Select to suspend a post template deployed to one or more rooms.
  • Delete - Select to delete this post template.

The following list describes the controls available on the Application Roles Page.

  • New Template - Click to open the New Role dialog to create a new application role.
  • Sorted by - Select an option to sort the list of message templates, for example, Count.
  • Search - To find one or more post templates, in the Search field, enter at least three characters and then, press Enter. For example, enter product, press Enter, and then any matching entries are displayed.

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To get started using post template, you need to define your template, and then deploy that template to users. For more information, see Create a New Post Template.