Setting the Default Application Role

The default application role assigned to all new users allows access to all features of the Messenger application. You cannot delete or modify the default application role, however, you can create a custom application role, and then assign that custom application role as the new default application role in the Enterprise Admin Console. All existing users assigned to the default role are reassigned to the new custom default application role when applied. This topic describes how to set a custom application role as a new default application role.

Before you can specify an application role as a new default application role, you must first create a custom application role. For more information, see Adding an Application Role.

To set a new default application role

  1. On the Application Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Enterprise Admin Console, click the Ellipses  icon for the custom application role that you want to set as the default application role, and then click Make Default.
  2. In the Confirm Change dialog, click Confirm.

The Default permission set changed message is displayed at the top of the screen.

The following illustration is an example of the Make Default command displayed for a custom application role.