Managing Application Roles

In the Enterprise Admin Console, you can create custom application roles, which allow you to define which features of the Messenger application that specified users from your domain can access. For example, you may want a group of users to only be able to access the Messenger application client using a mobile device.

Assigning Application Roles

In Messenger, new users are automatically assigned the built-in default application role. The default application role provides access to all of Messenger features and clients.

If you want a subset of your company users to have limited access to Messenger, you should create a custom application role and assign the role to the subset of users.

If you want to limit access to some Messenger features to all users in your company, you should create a new custom application role, and the make that application role as the new default application role.

And finally, if you want different limitations for different groups of users, create multiple custom application roles, and then assign the custom role to the users in that group, for example, admins, support, and customer groups.

In the Roles & Permissions module, you can define application roles on the Application Roles page as shown in the following illustration.

The following list describes the columns displayed in the admin console table.

Column Description
Role Name Displays the Messenger role name used in the Enterprise Admin Console.
Description Displays the description of the role, if defined.
Users Displays the number of users assigned to the application role.
Ellipses  icon Click to display the following application role commands:
  • Edit - Select to edit the application role settings.
  • Make Default - Select to change this application role to be the company-wide default application role.
  • Delete - Select to delete this application role.

The following list describes the controls available on the Application Roles Page.

  • New Role - Click Add New to open the New Applications Permissions dialog to create a new application role.
  • Enterprise-wide Application Rules - Select Disable all incoming attachments to prevent delivery of any incoming message or email that contains attachments.

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To get started, you need to create an application role to assign to one or more users. For  more information, see Adding a New Application Role.