Bots for Customers upgrade FAQs

This article lists and answers pricing questions about the bots for customers platform.

What is the Bots for Customers Platform?

Companies can enhance their customers' digital experience using the Bots Platform, to create custom bots. Pricing is based on the number of bot tasks consumed by customers. For example, a company can build a bot that sends notification messages to its customer base asking them to complete certain actions, and will be charged for the number of completed tasks. For more information on how to build a custom bot for your company using the Bots Platform, see Bot Builder.

What is the Bot Store?

Within the Bot Store, you will find a library of pre-built bots for apps and services you already rely on to get work done. There is no limit to the number of bots you can access and install. For more information, see Bots Store.

What is a task?

A task is a message or action taken between a user and a web service using a bot and is considered completed when a successful data transaction takes place between a bot and a user as a received notification message, or a completed action in a website, application, or system.

Payment plans offers both monthly and annual payment plans. When subscribing to an annual payment plan, you will receive a discounted rate which equates to paying for only ten months rather than twelve.

When you subscribe for a plan through our sales team, you will be enrolled in a fixed subscription on an annual payment basis. For more information, see Fixed subscription plans.

Payment methods

Customers who sign up online for bots can choose to pay using a credit or debit card. Customers onboarded by our sales team can pay with either a credit or debit card, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment, or wire transfer.

How does billing work?

Billing is based on your selected pricing tier and may vary from month-to-month depending on the number of tasks completed by customers. Billing will take place upfront when you create an account and choose a paid tier.

Once you've subscribed to a paid tier, you will be billed based on your payment plan (monthly or annual). If you exceed the allocated number of tasks in the selected tier, will keep track of any overages above the limit and bill your account at the beginning of each month.

Note: You are billed only based on the number of tasks consumed and NOT on the number of custom bots. 

Pricing Plans

As a Bots Platform user, you may find yourself wanting to modify your plan or change your payment method. You are billed based on the number of tasks consumed in a given month.

Should you change from a paid plan to a free plan, all of your bots continue to work; however you will be limited by the allocated number of tasks for the free plan.

If you are aware that the current pricing tier does not cater to your current volume of custom bot tasks, you can switch to another pricing tier of your choice at any time.

Customers on monthly payment plans that switch from a higher tier to a lower tier will see their remaining balance, if one exists, applied to the account as discount credits. Changes can also be made on annual plans; however the current commitment must be fulfilled through the next billing cycle.

Fixed Subscription Plans

Customers who sign up for accounts with the help of the sales team are committed to a specific tier for a minimum of one year. These plans are listed on the website, but note that these plans typically follow an annual billing cycle.

The sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests you may have.