Bots for Enterprise Upgrade FAQs

This article lists and answers some basic questions about upgrades for bot used for enterprise users.

What are Bots?

Bots are lightweight programs that communicate with applications or business systems on your behalf to get stuff done. An easy-to-use conversational interface enables users to talk to systems just like you talk to people.

The Bots Platform enables small groups or large companies to build custom bots using the Bots Platform. These bots can be assigned to users in your company using the Bots Admin console. For more information, see Bot Builder.

Based on your chosen plan, you can assign a specific or unlimited number of bots to each user.

What is the Bot Store?

You can find bots for many popular apps and services in the library an the Bot Store. Useful tasks that are commonly performed via apps and services have been built into each bot, eliminating the need for users to manually complete many actions they perform on a daily basis.

You can get any number of bots from the Bot Store, free of charge.

Note: Bots available in the Bot Store are already built based on popular apps and services. To build custom bots, you must sign up for a Bots Platform plan, and use the Bot Builder tool to create custom bots.

Upgrade plans offers different plans to use the Bots Platform for your enterprise. A free plan is available to build and assign any number of custom bots to a small group of users. has paid plans that allow you to build and assign custom Bots to users in your company and allows you to control the users' access to the bots on the Bot Store.

For more information, contact our sales team.

Payment plans

Monthly and annual payment plans are available for When opting for an annual payment plan, you will receive a discounted annual price.

When subscribing to a plan through our sales team, then you will be enrolled in a fixed subscription on an annual payment plan. For more information, see Fixed subscription plans.

Payment methods

Customers who sign up online can choose to pay using a credit or debit card. Customers who sign up for a Bots Platform account with our sales team can pay with either a credit or debit card, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, or wire transfer.

How does billing work?

You will be billed per individual user each month, or annually based on the type of payment and plan selected. Billing occurs upfront when creating the account. 

Adding/Removing a Custom Bot User

Customers who sign up for the Bots Platform for their workforce using the website and choose to add a new user before the bulling period (monthly or annual) ends will receive a pro-rated price for the new user for that billing period. Similarly, when a user is removed from the plan, the remaining balance for the remaining billing period is added back to the account as a discount credit.

Assigning Bots

Your account is charged only when custom bots are assigned to users. When you either assign or cancel an assigned custom bot for a user managed within your Bots Platform admin console, your plan may change according to your billing preferences. As a result of this change, the user will be moved to the qualifying tier at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

The amount charged is dependent on which tier your users fall under based on current custom bot assignments. Your users will automatically be moved to higher or lower tiers if necessary and your account will be charged based on remaining days in the billing period.

If a user is on a higher tier and you cancel the assigned custom bots, those users will be automatically placed in the lower tier in the next billing cycle. At the beginning of the billing cycle, will determine how many users are currently assigned custom bots and place them in the relevant tiers.

Changing my plan

As a Bots Platform admin user, you may want to change your subscriptions or change to a free plan. You may also want to remove users. You can make these changes in the Bots Platform admin console.

We do not offer any refunds.

Fixed subscription plans

Customers who sign up for accounts with the help of our sales team receive fixed subscription plans for a fixed number of users. The users may fall within one or more tiers and your account will be billed for the fixed number of subscriptions.

Our sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests that you have.