Learn More About Message Control

Using Messenger, you can manage and control the lifecycle of your message right from when you send it, to when it is delivered, and even to whom it can be forwarded to. Use message control policies, which are a set of rules that you can apply to a chat message or an email. These policies help you to control when and where a contact can receive, view, and act upon your message. Additionally, you can control the actions that the contact can perform on your message. For example, you can disable the forward function for a message.

There are four types of message control policies that you can define for messages and emails.

  • Delivery

    Create a message and select a delivery date, time, and location at which the message must reach the recipient. For more information, see Message Delivery Policy.

  • Access

    Select a message access date, time, and location, when or at which location, a recipient can view and act on a message. For more information, see Message Access Policy.

  • Actions

    Disable forwarding, copying of message content, or saving of messages. For more information, see Message Actions Policy.

    Additionally, you can enable screenshot notifications to display when a message recipient captures a screen shot of your message. For more information, see Screen Shot Notifications.

  • Expiry

    Expire a message in a recipient account, based on a predetermined expiration time. For more information, see Message Expiration Policy.

Additional message lifecycle management features, are:

  • Recall

    You can recall a message during transport or after it is delivered to the recipient. Additionally, you can recall specific messages forwarded by another message recipient. For more information, see Recalling a message.

  • Trace

    You can trace a message on the Message Info screen by viewing message recipients and their forwards. For more information, see Tracking the lifecycle of a message.

Note: If you are a recipient of a message with applied policies, you can only view the message only on Desktop App for Windows®, and Mac® or smartphones for iPhone®, AndroidTM. Messages with message delivery policies cannot be viewed in Desktop for Web.