Transferring the Primary Master Admin Role - Roles & Permissions Module

The Primary Master Admin in the Enterprise Admin Console is usually the first person who registered the domain with The Primary Master Admin is a permanent role that cannot be deleted and should be assigned to the person responsible for the Messenger domain. If you need to change this role to another admin, for example, you as the Primary Master Admin, are leaving the company, you can transfer the role to another admin user. This topic describes how to transfer the Primary Master Admin role to another admin user in the Roles & Permissions module.

Note: Only the current Primary Master Admin when logged on to the Enterprise Admin Console and only for paid accounts, such as Premium plans, can transfer the role. 

Complete the steps in the following procedure to transfer the Primary Master Admin role to another admin user in the Roles & Permissions module.

  1. On the Admin Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Enterprise Admin Console, in the Primary Master Admin section, click Transfer Role.
  2. In the Update Billing Profile dialog, if you do not need to change the billing profile, click Transfer Role.
  3. In the Transfer Primary Master Admin confirmation dialog, click Transfer Role.
  4. In the Select the New Primary Master Admin dialog, select an existing Admin to transfer the Primary Master Admin role to, and then click Apply.

Your Primary Master Admin status is immediately changed from Primary Master Admin to Admin, and your current session is closed.