Define User Event Reports

The Audit Report page in the Analytics module of the Messenger Team Admin Console, you can view both system and user events. This topic describes how to view and filter user events.

  1. On the Audit Report page in the Analytics module, on the Actions bar, enter the name of the user that you want view events for in the Search field, and then click the Search  icon. All events for the user specified are displayed.
  2. in the Start Date field, select a date to define time period start date.
  3. In the End Date field, select the time period end date for the report, and then select Update.
  4. In the Event Category drop-down list, select one or more categories. Depending on the selected event category, the values in the Event Name drop-down list change.
  5. Select an event in the Event Name drop-down list, and then click Update. The filtered results for the specified user are displayed.

Tip: Click any row to view details about the event as shown in the following illustration for the user named Naoko.