About Team Membership

To join a team, you should browse the teams available in your company.

Note: The Browse Teams feature is available only to company Messenger users.

On the TEAMS  tab, tap the Browse all Teams icon displayed as the last icon in your list of teams.

The All Teams screen is displayed. To join a team, tap the team you want to join as a member.

On the  Team Name > screen, tap Join on the top right corner of the screen, and then in the team join confirmation dialog, tap Ask to Join.


The Team Admin will receive a notification for your request. If the Team Admin accepts your request, you will receive a notification that you have been added as a member.

You can be a member of any number of teams! Also, you can own an unlimited number of teams depending on your messaging plan, for example, Free or Premium. For more information, go to the website.

Inviting a Team Member

Note: You must be a Team Owner or a Team Admin to invite new team members.

On your smartphone app:

    1. On the TEAMS   tab, tap the team that you want to invite new members to, and then tap the Manage RightArrowIcon.png icon to the immediate right of the team name. The Manage < Team Name > screen is displayed.
    2. In the Invite People to join section, tap +Invite. Select one of:
      • Invite from contacts
      • Invite by email or phone number

    3. To select from your contacts, tap Invite from Contacts, and then tap and select any one of your Recent, Favorites, Company, and Device contacts. After each contact is selected, choose the rooms that you want to add the new contact to.

    4. To invite a new member who is not yet a user, tap Invite by email or mobile number, and then enter the email ID or phone number on the Invite screen, and tap Next, and then tap and select the rooms that you want the new member to be a participant in, and then tap Done.

If you are not a Team Admin or a Team Owner, you may be able to add new team member if you have been assigned the privilege by the Team Admin or Team Owner.

On Messenger Desktop for Web, or the Desktop app, on the Teams page, select the team that you want to add a member to, click Manage Room, and then click Add Room Member


Removing a Member from a Team

You must be a Team Owner or Team Admin to remove a member from a team.

 On a smartphone, on the Team Home screen, tap Manage, and then tap the member you want to remove from the team, and then tap Remove < Member Name > from team.


 For Messenger Desktop for Web or Desktop app, on the Teams page, select the team that you want to remove a member from, click Manage Room, and then on the Settings tab, click Room Settings. In the Room Settings dialog, click the More icon for the member you want to remove from the room, and then click Remove from Room.


Leaving a Team

A Team Owner cannot leave a team without disbanding the team. However, in the Team Admin Console, the Team Owner can transfer team ownership to another team member, and then leave that team with the remaining team members and admins. 

 On the team Home screen, tap Manage. The Manage < Team Name > screen is displayed. Tap Advanced Options, and then tap Leave < Team Name >.

  1. On the TEAMS tab, tap the team that you want to leave, and then tap the Manage RightArrowIcon.png icon to the immediate right of the team name. The Manage < Team Name > screen is displayed.
  2. Expand Advanced Options, and then click Leave < Team Name >.

On Desktop for Web or the Desktop app, navigate to your team Home page, click  , and then click Team Settings. in the Options section, click Leave < Team Name >.