Message Delivery Policy

On your smartphone with Messenger installed, you can apply a message delivery policy to your message to control the time and location at which your message is delivered.

  1. Tap the Message Control  icon on the Compose Message field.
  2. On the Message Control screen, tap Delivery

    The Delivery screen is displayed.

  3. On the on Date  tab, select a time delay ranging between Now and +30 days.

        - or -  

    In the Deliver on field, select a specific date and time.

  4. On the by Location  tab, enter an address or select an address from the Saved Locations list:

    Note: The location-based delivery policy cannot be applied to group chat messages.

    1. When you enter a new address, you can drag and drop the circular boundary around the location to create a geo-fence zone.

      Note: If you are a recipient of a message with geo-fence policies, then such messages can only be viewed on Messenger, on your mobile device.

          - or -  

      Select an address from the Saved Locations list.

    1. Enable Remember location to display the address under Saved Locations for later use.

Tip: Add the message delivery policy to a message control template to reuse the same policy in other messages.

Identifying a delivered message

After you send a message, you can view the time at which the message was delivered to the contact.


Perform a long press on the message, and then tap Message Recall icon.

A green dot at the top left corner of your message indicates that your message has been read.

On Desktop for Web or the Desktop App, click the Message Control  icon in the Compose Message field, and then click Delivery. On the Delivery dialog, select on Date & Time and at Location where message is delivered, and then click Apply


Note: Your Enterprise Administrator for your company may have setup Application Roles or Mobile Device Management used to limit the features or channels of the Messaging Platform. Some features or channels for Messenger may not be available.