Slash Commands for

This article lists all of the Messenger forward slash " / " commands. You can use slash commands while composing messages to perform a variety of tasks. Some slash commands can be used only while composing chat messages and some can be used only for teams.

The following table describes all slash commands and the context the command is available for.

Slash commands applicable to both chat messages and teams
/available  Sets your status to Available.
/away Sets your status to Away.
/busy Sets your status to Busy.
/invisible Sets your status to Invisible.
/status [<your message>] Updates your profile status message. 
/appearin Generates a URL to start an® meeting within the current message thread or room. For more information, see
/gotomeeting Starts a GoToMeeting® meeting in the current message thread or room. For more information, see GoToMeeting.
/hangouts Starts a Google Hangout® meeting in the current message thread or room. 
/help [<search keyword>] Enter a keyword following /help and tap Send to be directed to the Help page, where search results for the keyword are displayed.
/msg [<contact> <message>] Sends a direct message to selected contact or team member.
/remindme [in/at <time> to <message>] Enter and tap Send. For example, when you enter /remindme at 3:10 PM to check messages and tap Send, you will receive a reminder message from KoreBot at 3.10 PM — Hey, you asked me to remind you to "check messages". For more information, see /remindme Slash Command.
Slash commands applicable only to chat messages  
/add Opens Add Participant(s) screen.
Slash Commands applicable only to rooms for a team
/giphy [<keyword>] Enter a keyword following /giphy, and tap Send. The Giphy® search engine displays the most popular Giphy image matching internet searches and your keyword.
/invite Sends invite to specific team member to join the room, or sends invite to specific contact to join the team.
/leaveroom  Enables a participant to leave the room.
/leavespace  Enables a member to leave the team.