Customize Your Notifications

Visual and sound notifications are enabled by default in the Messenger app. However, you can choose to mute notifications temporarily.

To mute all notifications on your smartphone app temporarily, tap the Profile tab on the bottom of the screen. On the Profile screen, enable Do Not Disturb. You can mute all notifications for the account, for a time period ranging from 30 minutes to 21 days.

This ensures that no push notifications and sound notifications are generated by the device (smartphone, desktop, or browser) until the Do Not Disturb time period expires. However, when you open the app and view the Home screen of the account, a blue dot on the message indicates which message thread and teams have unread messages.

To selectively customize notifications, on the Profile ProfileIcon.png tab, tap Settings. On the Settings screen, enable and disable notifications for messages, teams, and bots.

In addition, you can enable different notification sounds for different events. For example, enable the Ring-Ring notification sound for New Room Messages and the Red Alert notification sound for Important Alerts.

On Desktop For Web or the Desktop App, access notification and Do Not Disturb settings when you click your account name on the bottom left corner of the page.

To mute all notifications temporarily, on the user menu, select Do Not Disturb to mute all notifications for the time period specified ranging from 30 minutes to 21 days. 

You can click Settings on the user menu to selectively customize your notifications. On the User Settings dialog, enable and disable notifications for direct messages, group chats, teams, and rooms.