Device Contacts

 On the Messenger smartphone app, all of your device contacts, both and phone contacts are listed on the Device tab on the Add Contacts screen.

Contacts with the icon are existing users. In the following illustration, Naoko Yamada is an existing user, and she has registered herself using the number or email ID that you have stored as her contact details.

Note: If your device contacts are not listed on the DEVICE tab, enable Messenger to access contacts through your device settings.

You can access your device contacts while selecting message participants or while inviting users using your smartphone. For more information, see Invite a new user and Communicate with Messenger

Enabling Messenger to access smartphone (device) contacts

Follow the instructions specific to your smartphone device to allow Messenger to access your device contacts.

For example, on your iPhone®:

  • Navigate to Settings > > Privacy. Slide and enable access to Contacts.


  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Contacts. Slide and enable access to