Contact Support

At, we value your feedback. You can report a bug and request a feature by using the smartphone app, desktop apps, and at when using a desktop web browser to access

When you access Support, you can search for help articles, or go directly to documentation support for the Bots Platform for information about creating and working with custom bots, or the Messaging Platform documentation for information about using Bots from the Bot Store, and the messaging application for users, teams, and rooms.

Registered users can submit a ticket, view ticket status, and also view ticket history on the My Activities command located on the user menu as shown in the following image.

To access Support on the smartphone app, tap Profile, and then scroll down and tap HELP. The Support page is displayed.

You can also find us on social media, like on Twitter® (@Kore) and Facebook® (

On the desktop web or app, click your user menu in the lower left corner of the Messenger Home page, and then click Help as shown below to display the Support page.

Collecting Information

Before you contact Support, you should be able to provide as much as possible of the following information:

  • Enrolled Plan - For example, Free or Premium, etc.
  • First & Last Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Description of the issue to include:
    • Application Type: User, Team, Enterprise, or Web Designer.
    • Module: Messages, Contacts, Workflows, Teams, Domain Management, and so forth.
    • Detailed information of the issue, including expected and actual behavior.
    • Steps to reproduce the issue.
    • Supporting screenshots, images, or log files.

Service Level Agreement offers all of its customers unlimited 24 X 7 X 365 access the Help Center. Our Help Center boasts of  several hundreds of articles that cover a host of features, tips, and FAQs. If you still cannot find an answer to your support question or would like to comment on a feature or request a new feature, feel free to open a support ticket directly from our Help Center. You must have an active Kore account to submit this request.

The Support team will make every effort to reach out to every customer submitting support tickets. While we offer error response and resolution to all of our valued customers, we prioritize help to our paid customers with Premium Support.

You can contact the Support team through the following means:

The following table defines the targeted initial response and final resolution timelines for our paid customers on the Premium Support plan. The timelines are based on issue severity levels assigned to the support tickets. Severity levels assigned to tickets are mutually agreed on by the customer and the Support team and the severity may change over time if mutually agreed upon by both parties. All activity for support tickets activity are managed and tracked through the Support Portal.

Targeted Initial Response & Resolution Timelines for Premium Support



Initial Response

Target Resolution*

Critical (S1)

A “Critical” or “Severity 1” ticket renders the product completely unusable or nearly unusable or introduces a high degree of operational risk. No Workaround is available. Until this issue is resolved, the product’s use is essentially halted. A large number of users and/or core functionality is severely impacted.

1 hour

24 hours

High (S2)

A “High” or “Severity 2” Error renders essential functionality of the product to be consistently unavailable or obstructed, and causes a moderate level of hindrance or risk. Workarounds may be available, but use of the product is acutely degraded and causes continuing operational risk. A moderate number of users are significantly impacted, but overall the product continues to function.

2 hours

5 Business Days

Medium (S3)

A “Medium” or “Severity 3” Error is an inconvenience or causes inconsistent behavior, which does not impede the normal functioning of the product. It could be an issue that occurs inconsistently and affects nonessential functions or is an inconvenience which impacts a small number of users. It may also contain visual errors where the graphical display of the product is not ideal, but still functioning correctly.

24 hours

21 Business Days

Low (S4)

A “Low” or “Severity 4” Error has a small degree of significance, or is a minor cosmetic issue, or is a “one off” case.  A “one off” case occurs when the Error occurs infrequently and cannot be reproduced easily. These are issues that do not impact the daily use of the Program. A low issue is something does not affect normal use, and can be accepted for a period of time, but user would eventually want changed. May also include request for information or general requests for advice on product usage

48 hours

Next Software Update

* will make every effort to achieve the target resolution time, however, the time needed to provide a correction may vary depending on the amount of coding and testing needed for the correction.


  • In the event that the response time from to an issue is negatively impacted due to Client’s or a Third-Party’s delayed response to Kore's request for additional information to correct an issue, the response times provided above will be extended by an amount of time proportionate to such delay.
  • Both parties may agree that due to technical dependencies and other factors, certain issues classified as Medium and Low may be resolved in the next release rather than in a production patch. Client acknowledges that does not and cannot guarantee that all issues can or will be corrected.
  • In the event the issue is with the underlying Device Manufacturer’s SDK and needs support from Native SDK (for e.g. Apple, Google ), then this issue is driven by the timelines and SLAs that the device manufacturer commits to.