Create an Identity

You can create a Messenger identity account by linking up to four personal accounts to one personal account. The email ID or smartphone number used to link the accounts is called your Primary identity.

When you link multiple personal accounts, you can view all of your messages and notifications in one place, in the account associated with your identity email ID or smartphone number. This feature also makes you more discoverable on Messenger.

Complete the following steps to create a identity:

  1. Sign in to your personal account using the desired email ID or smartphone number that you want to use as your identity.
  2. On your smartphone, tap Profile on navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The Profile screen is displayed.
  3. Click Edit. Tap either your Email ID or smartphone number to link additional personal accounts.

  4. On the Identities screen, click +Identity to add a smartphone number or an email ID to this identity. You can link up to four personal accounts to one identity.

All messages from your linked accounts are streamed into your Primary identity account.