Resources Account Types

Company Account

When you create a messaging account using a business or corporate email ID, classifies the account as a company account.

Company accounts enable you to connect, communicate, and collaborate with your company colleagues using messages, emails, phone calls, video, and teams.

Create a team to share files securely and on the go, and start meetings at the click of a button!


You can upgrade to a paid Teams account with more features, for example, you can manage and administer a team and its members. For more information, see our site.

If your company administrator decides to manage your teams, then your account will be upgraded to the associated enterprise plan.

You can view the type of plan you have for Desktop Apps on the Account page that you can open from the user menu.

Personal account

When you create a account using a phone number, or free email service such as Gmail™ or Yahoo!®, classifies the account as a personal account. 

Whether you have a personal, or a company account, the Messaging Platform provides you with an easy-to-use interface for all of your communication needs, and using bots, you can bring and access all of your other web services into one place, in Messenger.