Modify a Custom Retention Policy for a Team

Complete the following procedure to modify an existing custom retention policy for Messenger users in the Team Admin Console.

  1. In the Custom Retention Policies table on the Retention page, in the team Compliance module, in the Team Admin Console, click a custom retention policy in the Rule Name column. The Edit Custom Retention Policy - < Policy Name > dialog is displayed.
  2. On the Enter Name & Description tab:
    1. In the Policy Name field, you can modify the name of the custom retention policy.
    2. Optionally, in the Policy Description field, you can modify the description of the custom retention policy.
    3. In the Retention Time Period field, select one of the following values
      1. Retain Forever - All Messenger messages are retained forever.
      2. Retain for this time period - All Messenger messages are retained for a time period that you define. Enter a time period in days in the Enter a Retention Time Period in Days field. You can enter a maximum value of 36,500.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the Set Retention Criteria tab, you can modify criteria for message retention in the following two areas:
    1. Teams - In the Include messages from team < Team Name > field, select one of:
      1. Standard settings - All messages types from all rooms are retained.
      2. Advanced settings - Select the message types to retain, and if desired, specify from which rooms on the team that messages will be retained.
    2. Additional Criteria - Select any additional criteria for message retention from the following criteria:
      1. Attachments - Select to retain messages relating to attachments such as files, images, videos, etc. to:
        1. Include messages WITH or WITHOUT attachments
        2. Include ONLY messages WITH attachments
        3. Include ONLY messages WITHOUT attachments
      2. Message Control Policies - Select to retain messages relating to message control policies to:
        1. Include messages WITH or WITHOUT policies
        2. Include ONLY messages WITH policies
        3. Include ONLY messages WITHOUT policies
      3. Date Range - Select to retain messages relating to the sent date of the message as:
        1. Any date - All dates are included.
        2. Choose a date range - Click to display the Sent Date range selector, and enter or select a starting and ending date for sent messages to retain.
      4. Keywords - To retain messages, select and then enter one or more keywords that must be contained in the message content. Only messages with any of the keywords specified are retained.
  5. Click Next. The Confirm & Apply tab is displayed.
  6. Select and accept the conditions to modify the custom retention policy.
  7. Click Save Policy. The modified custom retention policy is applied to the messages and filtered based on your search criteria.

The Saved the policy message is displayed at the top of the page.

The Confirm & Apply section is displayed in the following illustration if you selected other than Retain Forever. You must click to accept the terms displayed.