Modify the Default Retention Period for a Team

When you enable message retention for your team, the default retention period is set to 365 days. After 365 days, the messages are no longer retained and are purged from servers.

The retention period only applies to messages that do not have a custom retention policy or are on hold. At the end of the specified retention period, messages are marked for purge and permanently removed from servers within 30 days.

Complete the following steps to customize the default retention period for your team.

  1. On the Retention page in the Compliance module of the Team Admin Console, in the Default Retention section, click Modify Default Retention Period. The Modify Default Retention Time Period dialog is displayed.
  2. In the Select a Retention Time Period field, select one of the following:
    • Retain Forever - All Messenger messages are retained forever.
    • Retention Not Required - User-deleted Messenger messages are marked for purge and retained for 30 days before being deleted from servers. After 30 days, the messages cannot be recovered.
    • Retain for this time period - Messenger messages are retained for a time period that you define up to 36,500. The default message retention time period is 365 days.
  3. Click Set Retention Time. The specified retention period is applied to team messages.

Note: If you defined Retain for this time period, a Confirm Retention Time Period section is displayed as shown in the following illustration and you must read and accept the retention period statements, and then click Apply Retention.