Add External Users to a Room

You may want to allow external users to post messages and comments in your room. An external user is a user who is not a room participant, not a team member, or is not part of your domain. For example, you might want to add an outside consultant to join in a room conversation.

There are two settings at the room level that you can enable to allow external users to post in your room.

Note: Only the team or room owner, or the Team Admin, can enable external user participation in a room.

Share a Room

Use the Share Room within company setting to enable your room to be visible to other company users that can view your team. This setting is available only for users with a company user account.

This setting can be enabled only if your team is visible to other users in your company. For more information, see Managing a Team.

  1. On the TEAMS  tab, select the team that you want to manage, select a room to share, and then tap the Manage ExpandIcon.png icon. The Manage < Room Name > screen is displayed.
  2. In the Invite people to Join section, click +Invite.
  3. In the I want to dialog, choose Invite by email or mobile phone number, enter the external contact information for the invite to join your room, and then click Close.

iOSTeamInviteExternal.jpg Post a Room Message using Email

This proxy email setting enables external users to communicate with your room participants via a proxy email.

This setting is available to all Messenger users, with a company or personal user account, and is not dependent on your Team privacy settings.

  1. On the TEAMS  tab, select the team that you want to manage, select a room to share, and then tap the Manage ExpandIcon.png icon. The Manage < Room Name > screen is displayed.
  2. Tap Advanced Options. The Advanced Options screen is displayed.
  3. Tap Posting Control.
  4. On the Posting Control screen, in the Post via Email section, enable Allow posting via email.
    In addition, you can specify other rules like authorized people and their corresponding domains, who can post in your room.