Add Bots to a Room

You can add bots to a team room by selecting the bots you want from the Bot Store that are related to your work or project.

 To add a bot to a room using your smartphone:

  1. On the TEAMS  tab, select the team that you want to add a room to, and then on the Rooms tab, select a room, and then tap the Manage icon. The Manage < Room Name > screen is displayed.
  2. In the Manage Bots section, tap +Add.

  3. Tap the bot that you want to add to the room, and then click Add to configure the bot.
    In this example, select the Twitter bot to display the Twitter bot screen.
  4. Tap Add. The bot for Twitter is added to your Messenger team room. Bot messages are displayed in the selected room along with other room messages and posts.

Add bots to a room using Desktop for Web or the Desktop app:

  1. On the Teams page, select the team with the room that you want to add a bot to.
  2. Click Manage Room on the top right corner of the Room tab.
  3. On the Bots tab on the Manage < Bot Name > panel, click + Add bot. You can select to add a bot either from the Bot Store or from My Bots.

  4. Select a bot from the Bot Store or from a list of your own bots installed, and then click Add to add it to the room.
    In this example, select the Twitter bot.

  5. On the Twitter page, click Add. The Twitter bot is added to your room and messages are displayed in the room as messages.