About Team Roles


In Messenger, members of a team have a role that controls the member privileges to manage the team membership, team profile, and access to the Team Admin Console.

Team Member Role

Team member is the default role assigned to any member. A team member can send direct chat messages to any member in the team. In addition, based on the privileges assigned by the Team Admin, a team member can create rooms and invite other team members.

Team Owner Role

The user who creates a team is assigned the team owner role. The team owner has the following responsibilities and privileges:

  • Monitor and manage billing information, if applicable, for the team.
  • Delegate team admin roles to selected team members. The team owner can delegate the team owner role to another team member, and then choose to remain a team member or leave the team.
  • Monitor and manage room messages and comments by creating and deleting rooms, adding participants, and by monitoring content posted in rooms.
  • Access to the Team Admin Console. A team owner can perform a range of basic to advanced team administration tasks using the Team Admin Console.

Team Admin Role

A Team Admin is a member with all owner responsibilities and privileges. However, the Team Admin cannot access Billing module to schedule and manage payments, if billing is applicable.

To view team member roles, and if you have privileges to change a member role, on the Team Home screen, tap the Manage RightArrowIcon.png icon to view the Manage < Team > screen. The member roles are displayed in the Manage People section.



If you are a Team Admin or a Team Owner, you can change the member role to or from Team Admin. Tap a member to display the options.