About Bots bots reduce your daily online browsing time considerably, by routing all the information you need into one app — Messenger.

On any given day, you may check your emails, text messages, and view the latest news, and traffic updates. Messenger brings all this information, inside your account, in the form of bot messages. In addition, you may need to perform some actions in other websites. You can do this from within Messenger. All you need to do is to configure bots for different applications. Bots act as a link to a website or an application, in which you may need to perform a task, or retrieve information in the form of bot messages.


There are numerous bots available from the Bot Store and each one is associated to a category.

Tap the  icon to view the list of bot categories. A few examples are:

  • Monitoring/Analytics  - Crashlytics®
  • Project Management - Asana™
  • Social Media  - Twitter®
  • CRM  - Salesforce®

You can receive notification messages from news websites (for example, BBC News®) and company applications (like JIRA®). 

In addition, you can perform a task in another application. For example, you can follow a Twitter® user and tweet a message from within the Messenger application. All you need to do is to configure the Twitter bot by clicking Add on the Bot Store screen.


When you configure a bot, you can select bot tasks that stream related bot messages into your Messenger account. You can view these messages on the Bots screen.

Add a bot task to perform a task in another application, like tweeting a message in Twitter. You can perform this task by tapping New Task  at the bottom of the Bots screen and selecting Tweet.