Add a Bot for JIRA® for a Team Room

You can enable bot messages from JIRA to display whenever an issue is created, updated, or deleted.

  1. Complete the following steps to add a bot for JIRA to a room and copy the webhook:
    1. Tap Info  on the room screen.
    2. On the Manage < Room Name > screen that is displayed, in the Manage Bots section, tap +Add.

    3. On the Get Bots screen that is displayed, search and tap JIRA.
    4. On the JIRA screen, tap Add

      JIRA is installed in your room.

    5. Tap OK.

    6. On the Manage < Room Name > screen that is displayed, tap JIRA.
    7. Tap Setup against any task that you choose, for example, Project Updates via Web Hook

    8. On the Setup Task screen, tap Activate.

      Instructions with a web hook are displayed for you to copy to clipboard and continue your configuration of the bot for JIRA.

  2. Navigate to JIRA, login as Administrator and add the webhook to your JIRA account:
    1. Click Settings > System.

    2. On the left navigation menu, in the Advanced section, click Webhooks.

    3. On the webhook configuration page, click Create a WebHook.
    4. Paste your webhook url into the URL field. Add other information like webhook description and name.

Tip: Add a JQL query to filter your bot messages according to specific JIRA events, like creation of a JIRA issue in your chosen project.

Note: The procedure to add a webhook to JIRA may vary between different JIRA versions. 

JIRA bot messages will be displayed on your room screen of your account, in a team. In this example, the alerts are displayed inside a room called Bugs, for which the JIRA bot was setup.