Selective Message Forward Policy

You can create a Messenger selective message forward policy by adding an exception list to a no-forward policy for a message. There are two types of exception lists:

  • People Exception List
  • Domain Exception List

The exception list enables you to control to what domain or user your information can or cannot travel as a message. 

Creating an Exception List

 In Messenger on your smartphone, on the Actions message control screen, tap the Contacts  icon, and then select contacts to add people to your exception list.

To create a domain exception list, tap the Domain   icon, and then add domain names.


 On Desktop for Web or the Desktop App, on the Actions dialog, click No Forward, and click the Contacts  icon to add people to your exception list or click the Domain  icon to add domain names to your exception list.

Note: If you are a recipient of a message with applied policies, you can only view the message only on Desktop App for Windows®, and Mac® or smartphones for iPhone®, AndroidTM. Messages with message delivery policies cannot be viewed in Desktop for Web.