Message Control Templates

In Messenger, a message control template is a collection of predefined message control policies that can be reused for multiple messages. A message control template may consist of one or more message control policies.

There are three types of message control templates:

  • YOURS - Templates created by you.
  • KORE.AI - Templates created by
  • COMPANY - Templates created by your company enterprise admin.

Creating a Template

On your smartphone, you can create a message control template while applying policies to a message.

  1. On a smartphone in Messenger, in the Compose Message field, tap the Message Control   icon. The Message Control screen is displayed.

  2. Create one or more delivery, access, actions, and expire message control policies. For more information, see Message Lifecycle Management.
  3. On the Template tab, tap Save as Template.

Your message control template is saved and applied to the message. Additionally, it is available on the Template tab, in the YOURS section to apply to future messages.

Applying a message template

You can apply a defined message control template to a message.

  1. On a smartphone, in the Compose Message field screen, tap Message Control . The Message Control screen is displayed.
  2. Tap the Template tab. The Template message control screen is displayed.
  3. Select a template listed on any one of the YOURS, KORE.AI, or COMPANY tabs.
  4. Tap Close.

The message control template is applied to your message.

 On Desktop for Web or the Desktop App, in the Compose Message field, click the Message Control  icon, and then create one or more message control policies. To create a new template, click Template, and then Save as Template

To apply a template on a message, click Message Control  , click Template, and then select a template from YOURS, KORE.AI, or COMPANY tabs.  Click  to close the Template dialog. 

Note: If you are a recipient of a message with applied policies, you can only view the message only on Desktop App for Windows®, and Mac® or smartphones for iPhone®, AndroidTM. Messages with message delivery policies cannot be viewed in Desktop for Web.