Tracing the Message Lifecyle

  1. On your smartphone in Messenger, long press a message to display the Message Info  icon on the Message Control bar at the bottom of the chat message screen.

  2. Tap the Message Info icon. The Message Info dialog is displayed.

    On the TRACE tab, you can view information related to the lifecycle of your message.

    Sent Date The date that you sent the message.
    Forwards The number of message forwards. Tap to view each contact.
    Read Displays the date the message was read by the contact.
    Status One of:
    • Active - The message is visible in your account and the recipient account.
    • Expired - The message has expired and is deleted from the recipient account.

 On Desktop for Web or the Desktop App, click the Message Control icon on the message, and then on the Message info dialog, click the TRACE tab.

Note: If you are a recipient of a message with applied policies, you can only view the message only on Desktop App for Windows®, and Mac® or smartphones for iPhone®, AndroidTM. Messages with message delivery policies cannot be viewed in Desktop for Web.