Accessing Your Files

Using Messenger, you can access and share files stored on your computer, mobile device, or cloud-based storage systems.

Accessing Files on your Device

While composing a message on Desktop for Web or the Desktop App, click Attachments  > Choose Local File, and select a file from your local directory or drag-and-drop files directly into the Compose Message field.

You can access and share files stored in the following cloud-based storage systems:

  • DropBox®
  • Box®
  • Google Drive™
  • Microsoft OneDrive™
  • Microsoft SharePoint®

Any file shared with you, or any file that you shared with a user is listed and available for your use on the Files  > Recent Files  tab.

The first time that you access any one of the listed cloud-based storage systems, you must provide your credentials to allow Messaging Platform to access the third-party web service file directory.

You can share files stored in cloud-based storage systems by attaching them to a message as a file or as a link.

Note: Your Enterprise Administrator for your company may have setup Application Roles or Mobile Device Management used to limit the features or channels of the Messaging Platform. Some features or channels for Messenger may not be available.

To attach files from cloud-based storage systems like Google Drive®, you can drag-and-drop files from Files  > Google Drive tab directly into the Compose Message field.

On your smartphone, you can access the same files and attach files to a message from the Compose Message field.

For a team, files shared in rooms and direct messages are listed on the Files tab.

When you tap and select the file on the Files tab for a room, the File Details screen is displayed. Just like your desktop web or app, you can share files stored in cloud-based storage systems by tapping More .