Keyboard Shortcut Commands

On Desktop for Web or Desktop App, you can use shortcut commands to navigate between windows and dialogs in Messenger.

The shortcut commands are applicable to both Windows® and Mac® keyboards and specified by operating system when different in the following table.

Chats, Rooms, Bots, and Contacts Navigate up the list. Alt+
Navigate down the list. Alt+
Navigate up to unread message. Alt+Shift+
Navigate down to unread message. Alt+Shift+
Contacts and Files  Open Contacts pane. Shift+Control+M
Open Files pane. Shift+Control+F
Open @mentions pane. Shift+Control+2
Search Open browser Search field. Control+F
Chat Select all text. Windows: Control+A
Mac: Command+A
Clear message content in the Compose Message field. Esc+Esc
Go to next line in the Compose Message field. Shift+Enter
Audio Record audio message from the Compose Message field. Opens the Record Audio window. Shift+Control+A
Video Record video message from the Compose Message field. Opens the Record Video window. Shift+Control+V
Pictures Capture picture from the Compose Message field. Opens the Capture Photo window. Shift+Control+P
File Attachments   Capture file attachment fromthe Compose Message field. Opens the Files pane. Shift+Control+F
Opens local file selection popup window. Shift+Control+L 
Locations  Search and share location address from the Compose Message field. Opens the Share Locations popup window. Shift+Control+G
Contacts  Share contact from the Compose Message field.Opens the Share Contact(s) screen. Shift+Control+S
Popup windows   Dismiss popup window. Esc
Settings Open Settings dialog. Control+,
Rooms Open Room Info window Control+Shift+I