What is Messaging? is a messaging platform for controlled communication and collaboration available for use on a smartphone or computer. You can sign up for Messenger at, or via an invite from a friend, colleague, or company IT administrator.



Communicate with anyone using chat messages, emails, video conferencing and telephone calls all from Messenger. You can also attach files from your local directory or a number of cloud-based storage systems. Do you need to chat with more than one person? Then just create a group chat.

To secure your message communications, you can add security policies like delivery, access, action, and expiration policy to your chat messages.

Attach images, videos, sound bites, location addresses, and much more. You can even trace the lifecycle of your message by viewing who received, read, and forwarded your message.

You can recall a chat message, and even if your message was forwarded to other users, you can recall the forwarded messages as well. Learn more in the Messaging & Control documentation.


Collaboration has never been made easier before. Whether the collaboration is with your office colleagues at a professional level or your book club members at a personal level, you can use teams and rooms.

You can create a team for every department or group at the office. Create rooms to discuss and collaborate on different topics. Or, create a team for your book club members, and create rooms for each book category.

Share files, pictures, videos, and other file formats securely using direct messages or room messages. Learn more in the Teams & Rooms documentation.



Control your messages and communications like never before. Add policies and templates to control the lifecycle of your message.

Prevent forwarding of messages, control message delivery times and locations, and restrict access to your message based on time and locations. Or, add an expiration policy for your message.

Trace your message and recall message forwards. These are just few of the many policies that you can use to view and control the lifecycle of your message. Learn more in the Messaging & Control documentation.


Simplify your daily routine by routing information into Messenger using bots. You can route information like stock and project management notification messages into Messenger by adding bot tasks. In addition, you can run a bot task to take action when you get an alert message, such as Retweet a message using the Twitter bot when you get a stock alert. Learn more in the Bots documentation.

Enterprise and Team administration

You can easily administer and manage your team or enterprise with the help of a simple and understandable user interface. For more information, see the Enterprise Admin Console and Team Admin Console.