Delete a Team Admin Role

You cannot delete the built-in system-generated Team Admin role. This topic describes how to delete one or more custom Team Admin roles.

Note: You cannot delete a role if any team members are still assigned to the role. To remove users from a role, clear the check box to the left of the assigned users on the Applied To tab when you modify the role. For more information, see Modify an Existing Custom Team Admin Role.

  1. On the Roles & Permissions page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Team Admin Console, in the Team Admin Role Name column, select one or more Team Admin roles that you want to delete, and then in the Group Action drop-down list on the Action bar, click Delete.
  2. In the Delete Role(s) confirmation dialog, click Delete.

Warning: This operation is permanent, and cannot be undone.

The Team Admin role is deleted and the Roles & Permissions page is displayed.