About Custom Permissions

The following table lists the Team Admin permissions that can be assigned to custom Team Admin roles. When you assign permissions to a role, the user can access the related Team Admin Console module pages at the next log on to Messenger. For more information, see Create a Custom Team Admin Role.

Category Permissions Description Module & page
Team Creation / Profile / Settings Edit Team Profile & Settings Edit team profile and settings, including transfer to a new Team Owner. Team Admin Console > Profile & Settings
Team Member Enrollment Invite Members Ability to invite new members to a team. Team Admin Console Member Enrollment
Team Member Management Manage Team Members Remove members from a team. Team Admin Console Manage Members Remove Member(s)
Edit Team Admin Roles Assign and modify Team Admin roles currently assigned to members Team Admin ConsoleManage Members > Team Role drop-down list
Team Admin Roles Manage Team Roles Ability to create or modify Team Admins. Team Admin ConsoleTeam Roles & Permissions
Manage Rooms Create and Manage Rooms Create a Room; Delete/Archive Rooms; Edit all Room settings Team Admin Console Manage Rooms
Team Billing Manage Billing Profile & Payment Settings Create/Edit/Manage Billing Information, make payments, change billing plan, cancel account Team Admin ConsoleBilling
Team Analytics Access and view reports Analytics Module Access Analytics Module and view reports. Ability to run reports based on available criteria Team Admin Console Analytics
View and run Audit Reports Access Audit Reports; Ability to run reports; filter criteria, etc Team Admin Console Analytics > Audit Report
View Reports on Default Dashboard The default dashboard analytics for the account Team Admin Console AnalyticsActivity Report
Team Compliance Manage Retention Set up, manage retention for team. Team Admin Console Compliance Retention
Manage eDiscovery / On-Hold Set up, manage eDiscovery and On-Hold for Teams Team Admin Console Compliance eDiscovery

You can define permissions for a role on the Permissions tab when you create or edit an existing team role.