Delete a Message Control Template

If you find that you no longer need a message control template, you can permanently delete the template in the Enterprise Admin Console in the Message Control module on the Templates page. You can also remove the message control template from use by retiring the template, and then in the future, you can publish a retired template to make it available to assigned users. For more information, see Changing the Status of a Message Control Template.

You can only delete a message control template if the template is not shared to any users or groups. For more information, see Share a Message Control Template to a User or Group.

  1. In the Message Control module on the Templates page in the Enterprise Admin Console, select one or more templates to delete.
  2. On the Action bar, click Delete. The Delete template(s) confirmation dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Yes. The message control template is deleted.

Warning: This operation is permanent and cannot be undone.