Importing Users and User Data

If you need to invite many Messenger users and you already have additional information about users in addition to the email address, such as the First Name, Last Name, Department, Phone, and Job Title, you can use the Import page to add new users and update existing users based on a list that contains additional user information.

When you import user data using an import template, you can define and import detailed user information into your user accounts when enrolling and inviting users, and for existing users, you can also use an import list to update their user profile data. When a user accepts your invitation to join and then begins the enrollment process, the account data that you import can already be populated in the enrollment form.

The following illustration is an example of the Import page in the Enrollment module.

The import file can be a basic text file and saved as a .txt or .csv file format. After you create an import file, you can upload the file to add or update the Messenger users in your domain.


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For new domain members that you enroll using import, the invitee must validate their email address to register as a Messenger user. After registration, the user is available in your domain as an unmanaged user. To control messaging for an unmanaged user, you must add the unmanaged user as a managed user for your domain. For more information, see Working with Unmanaged Users.