Managing Your Users

On the Users page in the Users & Teams module in the Enterprise Admin Console, there are three tabs.

  • On the Managed Users tab, you can view and manage your Messenger managed user roles, status, monitor user message activity, and change a managed user to an unmanaged user.
  • On the Unmanaged Users tab, you can view unmanaged user data such as name and email, how they were invited to your domain, and change an unmanaged user to a managed user.
  • On the User Settings tab, you can define the user profile fields displayed to the user in their profile, for example, address information, and if the user can edit those fields. 

If you want to manage an individual user, in the Name column, you can click a user name to display information about a specific user. On the User page for the selected user, you can manage User Status, profile settings, and view or end user session instances. For more information, see Working with a Managed User.

The following illustration is an example of the Managed Users tab in the Users & Teams module on the Users page.

In This Section

To get started with user management, you should review your enterprise list of managed Messenger users. For more information, see Working with Managed Users.