Change the Status of a Managed User

As an admin, you may need to change the status of a single user in your organization, for example, if the user leaves the organization and you want to retain the user data for historical records instead of deleting the user, you can set the Status of the users to Suspended. This topic describes how to change the Status of a managed user in your organization.

  1. On the Managed Users tab on the Users page in the Users & Teams module, in the Enterprise Admin Console, click a user name in the Name column. The < User > page is displayed.
  2. In the User Status drop-down list located below the user avatar, select a status to change the users to. The User Status drop-down list only displays valid Status values based on the current Status.

    • Active - The user is active and can interact with other Messenger users. The Status of an Active user can be changed only to Suspend or Delete.

    • Inactive - The user is not active, but user data is retained in the system. The Status of an Inactive user can be changed only to Active.

    • Suspended - The user is suspended by an administrator. The user cannot log on to Messenger, however, messages can still be sent to the suspended user. The Status of a Suspended user can be changed only to Activate or Delete.

    • Locked - The user exceeded the maximum number of log on attempts. The Status of a locked user can be changed to Unlock, Suspend, or Delete.

  1. In the Status Change dialog, click Apply Actions to apply the Status change to the selected user.
  2. Click OK to close the dialog and send an email alert to the selected user.

The new Status is immediately applied to the selected user and the < User > page is displayed.