Remove User from the Admin Role

You may need to remove administrative privileges of the Enterprise Admin Console Admin role from one or more admin users in your company, for example, when a user changes positions in the company, or leaves the company. This topic describes how to remove a user from the Admin role in the Enterprise Admin Console.

If the Admin role delegates too much control over your enterprise account to a managed user, you can create a custom admin role, and then assign one or more managed users to the custom admin role. For more information, see Managing Custom Roles.

You can remove the Admin role from all users, except for the Primary Master Admin for your company.

  1. On the Admin Roles page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Enterprise Admin Console, select one or more users to remove from the Admin role, and then in the Group Action drop-down list, click Delete.

  2. In the Remove Users(s) confirmation dialog, click Remove User(s).

The selected users are immediately removed from the Admin role.