Modify a User Group

You may need to modify the members of a Messenger group. This topic describes how to modify the common group properties and the membership of an existing group.

  1. In the Users & Teams module, on the Groups page, in the Group Name column, click the name of the group to modify. The Editing User Group - < User Group Namedialog is displayed.
  2. On the Common tab, you can modify the Group Name and Description field.
  3. On the Members tab, in the Available Users/Groups and Current Members sections, optionally Sort, and then select a Filter to display users and groups to add or remove.
  4. To modify the members of the group, you can:
    1. Select one or more users and groups, and then click  to add new group members, or click  to remove the selected group members.
    2. Click  to add all available group members, or click  to remove all current group members.
  5.  Click Save. The group is modified and the Groups page is displayed.