Modify the Default Retention Period

After you enable message retention, the default retention period is set to 365 days by default. This topic describes how to modify the default retention period. Before you can modify the default retention period, you must first enable retention. For more information, see Enable Kore Message Retention.

  1. In the Default Retention section on the Retention page, in the Compliance module in the Enterprise Admin Console, click Modify Default Retention Period. The Modify Default Retention Time Period dialog is displayed.
  2. In the Select a Retention Time Period section, select one of the following:
    • Retain Forever - All Kore messages are retained forever.
    • Retention Not Required - User-deleted messages are marked for purge and retained for 30 days before being deleted from the Kore system. The messages cannot be recovered after they are deleted by Kore.
    • Retain for this time period - All messages are retained for the time period that you define. Enter a message retention period in days in the Enter a Retention Time Period in Days field, up to a maximum value of 36,500.

    Note: The retention period that you define is only applied to only those messages that do not have a custom retention policy applied. For more information, see Create a Custom Retention Policy.

  3. Click Set Retention Time.
  4. In the Confirm Retention Time Period section displayed, select the three checkboxes to accept the default retention policy defined, and then click Apply Retention.