Getting Started for Team Admins

Thank you for choosing to create a team! You can create a Free Messenger team account, or if desired, create a Premium account when you upgrade to a paid Messenger plan.


To create a free team account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid user account.

Creating a Team

When you create a team, you automatically become the Team Owner and the Team Admin. As the Team Admin, you can access the Team Admin Console in the Messenger Desktop for Web or Desktop app to manage your team. To create a team, in Messenger, click   TEAMS on the lefthand navigation pane, and then click the Create Team  icon or click New team.


In the Create a new team dialog, define the settings for your new team such as Name this team, Description, enable or disable requests to join the team, add members, and specifying Team Color and privileges, and then click Create.

After you create a team, you can open the Team Admin Console by selecting your team, click the More CommandsIcon.png icon on the upper right corner, and then click Admin Console as shown in the following illustration.

The Team Admin Console is displayed in a new tab with the Dashboard page selected as shown in the following illustration for a free team account.

In the previous illustration, data for the team called Documentation Team is displayed. For Free Messenger plans, a user cannot own more than two teams. 

Logging Off the Team Admin Console

When you are finished with your session with the Team Admin Console, you should log off the console, and then close your session to keep your team account secure. To log off, click your user name, and then click Logout as shown in the following illustration.

If your Team Admin Console session is idle for more than 15 minutes, your session is automatically terminated. Log on again with your user credentials to continue.

Next Steps

Now that you have the Team Admin Console open, you should learn more about the different modules. For more information, see About the Team Admin Console.