About the Team Admin Console

The Team Admin Console is a one-stop destination that you can use to administer your teams. As a Team Admin, you can access the Team Admin Console for a team from the Messenger Desktop app or Desktop for Web.

To open the Team Admin Console, select your team, click the More CommandsIcon.png icon on the extreme right, and then click Admin Console as shown in the following illustration.

When you open the Team Admin Console, the Dashboard page is selected by default. The Dashboard page gives you a synopsis of your team in terms of team membership, message activity, bot usage for tasks, and storage status, as shown in the following illustration.

Some examples of the tasks you can perform to manage and administer teams are:

  • Change team profile information,
  • Add users,
  • Delegate Team Admin roles,
  • Create custom admin roles,
  • Manage eDiscovery and message retention to enable search, archival, and easy access to messages exchanged using Messenger.

Getting Started with the Team Admin Console

To get started with the Team Admin Console, you must setup the team profile and then enroll team members.

Profile & Settings Member Enrollment

In the Team Admin Console, you can manage individual teams in the Profile & Settings module. For each team, you can manage team member privileges, monitor and manage rooms, and view tasks for bots. You can also define permissions to allow external user participation in rooms, and control if team members can add new rooms or invite new users to join the team.

For more information, see Team Profiles & Settings Module Overview.

As the Team Admin, you can use the Member Enrollment page in the Team Admin Console to enroll Messenger users to become team members in your team. How you enroll your team members depends on whether they are domain members or external users. The users that accept the invitation and join the team as team members are automatically added to your team account.

For more information, see Team Member Enrollment Module Overview.

After You Setup a New Team

Once the basic setup for a team is complete, you should learn more and review the remaining modules in the Team Admin Console described in the following table.

Team Dashboard Team Manage Members Module

The Dashboard page in the Team Admin Console is your one-stop activity and team member overview of your Messenger account. On this page, you can view your team membership in Messenger including their user role, the amount of message activity for your team members and rooms, details for bots and tasks for your team.

For more information, see Team Admin Console Dashboard.

After Messenger users enroll as team members on your team, you may want to delegate Team Admin duties. On the Current Team Members page in the Manage Members module in the Team Admin Console, you can invite past users, view team member information, change the role of the user in a team, and if required, you can remove team members.

For more information, see Team Manage Members Module Overview.

Team Roles & Permissions Module Team Manage Rooms Module

On the Roles & Permissions page in the Roles & Permissions module in the Team Admin Console, you can create and assign built-in or custom team roles to users in a team. In a large team, you may want to delegate one or more permissions of the Team Admin role to other team members by assigning a team custom admin role to those users. You can assign built-in roles, or create custom admin roles by defining a customized set of permissions for that role that you can then assign to a team member.

For more information, see Team Roles & Permissions Module Overview.

The Manage Rooms module in the Team Admin Console enables a Team Admin to manage rooms in a team. Each team has two default rooms: Hangout and General. You can create additional rooms for all or a set of selected team members. In addition, you can limit visibility of room messages and posts to only room members, or even a subset of room members.

For more information, see Team Manage Rooms Module Overview.

Team Billing Module Team Analytics Module

Billing is handled by the Sales team. For more information, see Team Billing Module Overview.

The Analytics module in the Team Admin Console provides a snapshot of your team activity, storage consumption, and volume of traffic by room post or message type. You can also view the activity of each team member and the user activity trend over a specified period of time.

For more information, see Team Analytics Module Overview.

Team Compliance Module  

In the Compliance module of the Team Admin Console, you can enable and then customize team message retention policies, configure eDiscovery searches, and place a team member account on litigation hold. After retention is defined, you can provide access to eDiscovery search results to selected team members as well as external users that can post messages in a team room.

For more information, see Team Compliance Module Overview.



Logging Off the Team Admin Console

When you are finished with your session with the Team Admin Console, you should log off the console and close your session to keep your team account secure. To log off, click on your user name, and then click Logout as shown in the following illustration.

If your Team Admin Console session is idle for more than 15 minutes, your session is automatically terminated. Log on again with your user credentials to continue.

Next Steps

With a new team account, you will probably need to visit each module in the Team Admin Console and configure each module for your team and your team members. You might want to start with setting up rooms in your team to add members to. For more information, see Managing Rooms.