Creating and Managing Geo-Fence Locations

On the Geo-Fence Locations page in the Kore Message Control module of the Enterprise Admin Console, you can create and share a geo-fence. Geo-fences can be used by Kore users to define delivery and access policies for Kore messages based on a specific geographical location of the recipient.

The following illustration shows an example of the Geo-Fence Locations page in the Message Control module of the Enterprise Admin Console.

To sort the list of column values, click the Arrow Up  icon or Arrow Down  icon to the right of a column name. The following list describes the columns displayed in the admin console table.

Column Description
Zone Name Displays the geo-fence name.
Description Describes the geo-fence location and purpose.
Status The current message control template status. One of:
  • Unpublished - The message control template is not available to the users or groups assigned. This Status is only available when you create a new message control template to use while you are working on the template before making it available to users and groups. Select Publish in the drop-down list to change the Status to Published.
  • Published - The message control template is available for assigned users and groups. After all users and groups are removed from the item, you can select Retire in the drop-down list to change the Status to Unpublished.

This section describes the commands available on the Action bar.

The list of entries in an admin console table can be very large depending on the size of your company, for example, a list of users or spaces. To find one or more specific users, groups, or spaces, in the Search field, enter at least three characters to begin find-as-you-type. For example, enter ra and any matching entries are displayed as shown in the following illustration.

Note: The number of search terms in a search query is unlimited, however, no more than the first 20 characters of each search term is used to return search results.

To view all entries, clear the search field, and then press the Enter key.

Click the  button to display the Create New Geo Fence (Zones) dialog. For more information, see Create a New Geo-Fence.

Click the  button to delete one or more selected geo-fences. For more information, see Delete a Geo-Fence.

In This Section

The following topics are available for geo-fence locations in the Message Control module.

Create a New Geo-Fence

Modify an Existing Geo-Fence

Delete a Geo-Fence

Next Steps

After you add or remove geo-fences, you may want to add a geo-fence to a message control template. For more information, see Creating Message Control Templates.