Prioritize Distribution List Conflicts

When you create messaging rules using distribution lists in the Message Control module on the Messaging Rules page in the Enterprise Admin Console, it is possible that a user can be a member of more than one distribution list. In this case, you must define the priority of the order to apply conflicting messaging rules on the Sender-Distribution List Prioritization dialog displayed automatically whenever a conflicting messaging rule is saved. The messaging rule with the lowest priority number, for example, " 1 " is applied before a messaging rule with a higher priority number.

This topic describes how to specify the order of messaging rule priority when one messaging rule conflicts with another messaging rule for the same user.

  • On the Sender-Distribution List Prioritization dialog, in the Sender: < Sender Name > section, drag-and-drop the name of the messaging rule to the desired priority to specify which messaging rule should be applied by priority, and then click Apply Priorities.

The priority numbers are updated and the Messaging Rules page is displayed.