Reset a Managed User Password

As an Enterprise Admin, you can send a password reset email to any user, including yourself, from the Enterprise Admin Console if Single Sign-On (SSO) is not enabled. When SSO is enabled, password policies are not in effect for Enterprise Admins or Messenger users. This topic describes how to select a user, and then send a password reset email to that user.

Tip: If SSO is enabled, Enterprise Admins can still log on to the Enterprise Admin Console directly using their password credentials and bypass SSO. For more information, see Logging On Using Your Admin Password Instead of SSO.

Complete the steps in the following procedure to send a password reset email to a user.

  1. On the Managed Users tab on the Users page in the Users & Teams module, in the Enterprise Admin Console, click a user name in the Name column. The < User > page is displayed.
  2. Click Reset Password located on the upper rightmost side of the page. A Reset password for < User > Confirmation dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Reset Password.

    Note: If Single Sign-On is enabled, passwords are not used and the Reset Password button is not displayed.

The password reset email sent message is displayed at the top of the < User > page and an email is sent to the user with instructions about how to reset the password.