Working with Teams

On the Teams page in the Users & Teams module in the Enterprise Admin Console, you can review and, if desired, delete or change a managed team to an unmanaged team, or review any unmanaged teams in your company and add as managed teams.

When a team is removed from your domain, all team members and the Team Owner are sent a notification. Unmanaged teams can contain both managed users and unmanaged users. The status of individual managed users and unmanaged users in not affected when the managed team is removed from your domain.

When you add an unmanaged team to as a managed team, any unmanaged users in the unmanaged team automatically become managed users, the Enterprise Admin is added as the Team Owner, and billing for the new managed users is updated immediately.

On the Teams page in the Users & Teams module, there are two tabs, one for managed teams and one for unmanaged teams. The following illustration is an example of the Managed Teams tab on the Teams page in the Users & Teams module.

About Billing

When you add an unmanaged team as a managed team, your billing is automatically updated for any users in that team that were previously unmanaged. When you unmanage a team in your domain, billing is reduced for any external users in the team, unless the external user is a member of a different team in your company. The status and billing of managed users is not changed when you unmanage a team.

In This Section

On the Teams page in the Users & Teams module, you can view your managed and unmanaged teams. For detailed information about managed or unmanaged teams in your company, click one of the following links.

Next Steps

To get started, you probably want to view your current list of managed teams in your company. For more information, see Working with Managed Teams.