Configure Single Sign-On using OpenID Connect

Complete the steps in the following procedure to configure SSO using OpenId Connect protocol on the Single Sign On page in the Security module of the Enterprise Admin Console. also supports WS-Federation and SAML Connect protocols. For more information, see Using Single Sign-On.

  1. In the Security module on the Single Sign On page in the Enterprise Admin Console, click Enable SSO.
  2. In the Select suitable Sign-On Protocol section, select OpenId Connect.
  3. In the Configure SSO for OpenId Connect section:
    1. On the Scope tab, select one of:
      • All < My Domain Name > users
      • Only managed My Domain Name > users. For more information about managed  users, see Working with Managed Users.
    2. On the Configure tab, select an identity provider, for example, Sign in with Google.
  4. Click Save.

The Identity Provider information successfully updated message is displayed at the top of the page. The following illustration shows the Single Sign On page with OpenId Connect sign-on protocol selected: