Customizing User Emails

On the Email Templates page in the Branding module in the Enterprise Admin Console, you can create and modify the invitation template sent to the email address or mobile telephone that you defined to invite a customer or employee to become a Messenger user. The invitation can contain a customized message and a link or button that the user can use to begin the enrollment process. You can also enable and configure reminder emails for users invited to join your domain on, but haven't completed user enrollment. In addition, if enrolled users become inactive, you can enable and configure email notifications about the inactivity with an update on account and co-worker activity.

You can send Messenger invitations for domain members to join your company group of users. After the invitee accepts the invitation and enrolls into Messenger, you can add the users as managed users to monitor and control company messaging. For more information, see Working with Unmanaged Users.

There are three tabs on the Email Templates page:

  • Invite to User - The invitation email sent to your domain users to join You can edit the template and preview.
  • Reminder to Invited User - The reminder email sent to a user that was invited to join your domain, but have not yet competed user enrollment. You can enable or disable the reminder and specify the frequency of reminder emails sent to users.
  • Reminder to Inactive User - The reminder email sent to a user enrolled in your domain but has not logged in for two weeks. You can enable or disable the reminder and specify the frequency of reminder emails sent to users.

The following illustration is an example of the Invite to User tab on the  Email Templates page in the Branding module.

Click Edit to open the Invitation Template dialog to edit the text on the Invite to User tab for the user enrollment invitation. To preview the invitation displayed to the Messenger invitee, click Preview.

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Next Steps

After you customize the user invitation, you may want to customize the a Supplemental Usage Policy displayed to the user when the Standard Usage Policy is displayed. For more information, see Customizing Standard Usage Policy.

When your company customizations are complete, you are ready to invite your domain members and external users to enroll into For more information, see the Enrollment Module Overview.